Programmed Tours

Programmed Tours

From 01.01.2013  to  07.07.2013 and from 16.09.2013 to 31.12.2013

Reservation required in the Booking Centre

Visitor´s Reception Centre – Booking Centre

Azoguejo, 1. Tel. (+34) 921 466 721

On-line reservations:

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GUIDED TOURS (prior reservation)


World Heritage Route: it is, perhaps, the most representative route of the city. It drives the visitor along the main streets of the ancient city. The route starts on the feet of the Aqueduct, walking by the main street of the city - Calle Real-. The first stop is the sightseeing point of la Canaleja and close to the surprising Casa de los Picos (Peak's House). Leaving behind the Medina del Campo square and the Romanesque church of San Martin we will reach the Corpus Square dominated by the former Main Synagogue, converted nowadays into the Catholic Church of Corpus Christi. Later on, we will find the Main Square, the Cathedral, and further on the House-Museum of Antonio Machado and the Canonjias quarter. The guide ends with an inner explanation of the Alcazar.

Estimated length: 2 hours and a half.


-These guides are not designed for prearranged groups.

-We recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

-Singularly, the routes and hours may change for reasons beyond the control of Turismo de Segovia.

-The adverse weather may determine the execution of the tours.


General: 10.50 €

Reduced: 7.20 € (children from 6 years old, students younger than 25 years and retired people with any documentation justifying the condition)

Free: children younger than 5 years old

These prices include the tickets to the main monuments. Participants should wear the badge given at the beginning of the tour, and also must preserve the ticket to the end of the tour. The starting point is set in the Visitors Reception Centre with a minimum participation required of 4 people and a maximum number of 40.